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Jimmy Fallon (Actor, Comedian, and so much more)

Jimmy Fallon was born September 19, 1974 in Brooklyn, NY. He started watching SNL at the age of 6, thats when his dream of one day being on the show started. Jimmy's first impression was of James Cagney, which he did at the age of two. He would go around saying, "you dirty rat." He ended his SNL job in 2004 during the season finale. He has a movie called 'Taxi' coming up in October where he plays a cop that doesn't know how to drive.
Some things Jimmy Fallon was in:

Anything Else (2003)
Band of Brothers(2001)
The Scheme(2001)
Sex and the Matrix (2000)
Almost Famous (2000)
SNL Fanatic (2000)
Saturday Night Live (1998-2004)
by Maryanne July 10, 2004
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someone that you feel inside your soul every day, u know their pain, before they tell you.You know the phone is going to ring before you hear their voice.Their always there no matter what
the love of my life of 22yrs..i know when he's sad without him telling me..i always know when he's calling before the phone ever rings
by maryanne February 17, 2005
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