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A class of person who thinks that asking for a Supervisor or Manager in a non critical situation is acceptable because time has proven that if you complain about something, it will get done faster/better or you will be compensated in some shape or form for your inconvenience.
No one is above being a Karen. It is not age or gender limited.

Ex. 1 -Asking for the manager for a coupon because it took too long to get your Big Mac.
Ex. 2 -Complaining on TikTok about being stopped while acting a fool
The entirety of TikTok is filled with Karen Culture if you think about it. People spreading their opinions and unhappiness because they have no other outlet for it aside from the other people on Social Media
by Martini Drysdale November 26, 2021
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When a group of people upset with the working conditions of a remote job log off/resign at the same time. Common during the "Great Resignation" where benefits of unemployment outweigh the wage of being employed
Let's do a mass logoff because we haven't hired anyone in months
by Martini Drysdale November 19, 2021
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When a couple/family rushes to have 3 kids as soon as possible and has 3 of them under 3 at any given time. Very common in modern society by people who just want kids and don't care if they grow up with individuality. Only one of three will grow up normal with the others being jilted. It is commonplace in European nationalities.
Bebe: Daaaaayyum. She got 3 under 3 and now she's heading to the courts to get a divorce. I'm surprised they lasted this long.

Johnny: I think she did it intentionally. They were always struggling, she probably just wanted something to do..
by Martini Drysdale December 14, 2021
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A practice in cultures, most commonly believed to be originated from Irish heritage wherein the couple decides to have a baby instead of getting a divorce or actually working on their problems through healthy means. ALWAYS amplifies the problem but due to traditional views, the couple therein stays together and them and them child suffers. The classic "Stacking Shit on Shit" situation.
Nell and Hayden can't stop arguing every day.

We thought they were headed for divorce but they just announced they're going to have a baby. Ah, the Traditional Irish Save the Marriage Baby. Poor kid..
by Martini Drysdale March 03, 2021
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