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A extremely cheap person.
A person that does not give gratuities for the services provided to them at Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels Ect.
A person that is of the poor economic class with no power.
2 servers in random chat with eachother.

Server 1: I waited on the guy at table 23 for like 45 minutes, his bill came out to be like $300 and all he left me was 3 bucks for a tip
Server 2: What a brokedick!
Another example...
Alex talks with Marko about a certain girl he has a crush on.
Alex: "Marko, do you think Jennifer will go out with me?"
Marko: "Prolly not dude, she is a sackchaser like the rest of these gold digging randy piss swallowing whores, she really doesn't fall for brokedicks like us!"
by Marko Schmidt October 12, 2007
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 18th largest city in America with one of the Highest tax bases. Home of all the "social elite" in a derilect low class society; Drunks, Pimps, Prostitutes, Welfare recipients. The "Scrillah" aspect comes from the economically viable prostitution trade that runs rampant through this city like the black plague of the middleages. Slang the uneducated "Mooncrickets" here use to glamourize this wasteland of a city!
Urban hick to another.
Urban Hick 1: Yo dawgg where you at?

Urban Hick 2: I am on 94 North about to enter the "Scrillah Millah!"

Urban Hick 1: Well, hit me up when your downtown, we'll get some breezie's and some 2-11.

Urban Hick 2: Allright then boss!
by Marko Schmidt November 20, 2006
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Origin of word: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This word is announced in slang English to represent a well put together man on all fronts of the socio- physical institution, he is humble with just enough confidence that could be misconstrued as arrogance. He is very aware of the latest looks and fashions without being thought of as a gay male. He has a silver tongue and knows how to avoid the pitfalls of rejection from women. And just basically, his overall entity entices the sexual element in a sensing woman.
Peter and Todd are two childhood friends of a guy named Marko. A guy they look up to on the block...Word!

Somewhere on the streets of the Mil, the two are engaged in player conversation:

Peter: Todd, do you wanna start hitting the gym? I really need to start stepping my game up because all I seem to be attracting these days are fatties, beer whales, and women who come tied up with acronyms!

Todd: Yeah dude, the women I am meeting at the bars or on plenty-o-fish are kinda rancid, mostly some randy, piss swallowing, 2 kid having, whores bloke. I need to drop the smoking habit, start eating healthier as well, maybe hit the Pumphaus (Gym) Let's call up that dude Marko, That is one stuntcock assed mofo, he knows some of the odd's and in's to help us create a new persona for ourselves, our pimping game combined is pretty dusted! He always has a lady. He is swagger personified. Let's give the brotha a call!

Peter: Heck Yeah my dude like Barrack Obama, it's time for a change!

Marko: (answering the cell) Whashaddening?

And progress begins with a phone call, and the gameless marks end up hitting the weights, dieting, tanning, and from what I last heard our stories heroes, they both ran a train on the same drunken, fine but shallowly featured, low standard having, Anywhere in America HOE. And they crossed swords in the snizzy too while high-fiving each other for thinking they are pimps...The End.
by Marko Schmidt April 05, 2013
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Origin of word: Milwaukee, WI
Cell phone street code for a "Cocksucker" (It rhymes.)...a "Ho" that is down to serve pipes. Straight blow dicks. Usually said to initiate interest when talking to a homie when the Ho is in your presence.
Playa on a cellphone with another Playa driving in a car.

Playa 1: Yo, where you at boss? I got Amy in the ride and she is "A Hot Supper!"

*Ho in the car is giggly and flattered because she thinks your speaking nice of her*...Dumb biatch!

Playa 2: Hey Hoss *Hoss = Horse, well hung guy*...You hollering about running the rotation? I will get Marko and we can all pipe her!

Playa 1: See ya at the crib!
by Marko Schmidt November 20, 2006
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*Well, while you playa's from "Texas and California" are battling amongst ya selves for the rights to a word that in the "Milwaukee" area (Drunk-City) "The Scrillah Millah" means something different all together!
In Milwaukee, if you ask another guy "What it do?"
You will become a victim of a HATE crime!
"What it do?" (in Milwaukee) Means to ask a chick (while in player conversation) What does your pussy do for my dick...or can you fuck?...That is the meaning of "What it do?" in the BREW...
Playa conversating to a chick.

Playa: What is do baby? What's good 2nite?
Chick: It do what it do...Boss!...I got that flame pussy with a kung-fu grip that will spill them kids on a nano!
by Marko Schmidt November 16, 2006
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Origin of word: Milwaukee, WI
Horse, stud, well endowed guy. Name essentuates playa credibilty.
From the song by Nas "Oochie Wally"
I'm the thrillah in Manillah.
Biatches call me Hoss, the pussy fillah!
by Marko Schmidt November 20, 2006
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A term used to disrespect a person of high authority using tones that will demasculinate him.
Peter sees Dave, a guy he really doesn't like.
Dave is Peter's Boss.

Peter: What's up Goss?

Dave: Nothing much...Wait!...What did you call me?

Peter: Goss...Gay assed Boss...

Dave: Peter, Step into my office I wanna talk to you about your job performance!
by Marko Schmidt October 12, 2007
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