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A Turkish word referring to a mosque, and it is commonly used not only in Turkey, but also in Northern Cyprus and other parts of the world with a Turkish-speaking majority.
The Suleymaniye Cami is probably the most beautiful and magnificent mosques of Turkey.
by MarioConnor October 10, 2007
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An Arabic expression of relief, meaning "Praise God", and it is commonly uttered when achieving something out of hardship or basically what one finds approving. It is equivalent to the word usage 'Hallelujah.'
After all the hardship I've gone through in studying as a scholarship student with a part-time job to earn my living, I have finally graduated with honours. Alhamdulillah!
by MarioConnor October 10, 2007
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A slang term used to describe a Pakistani immigrant or descent. In the United Kingdom, it is a racist slur used against not only Pakistanis, but also those from other parts of South Asia. However, it is not considered offensive when used amongst people of South Asian origin. Its degree of offensiveness is similar to that of a non-African American calling an African American a "Nigger".
"Get your butt off this English club, you bloody Paki!" Another good example is its usage in the famous low budget British Indian movie "Bend It Like Beckham", where Jasminder, a Indian girl, pushed an English girl for calling her a 'Paki' in the middle of a soccer game.
by MarioConnor October 10, 2007
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