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The group of homeowners at the looped end of a street that form their own mini-society. Neighborly ties run deeper than "borrowing a cup of sugar". Once you're in the cult, you stay in.
Paul: Have you seen much of the Johnson's lately?
John: No, ever since they moved into that cult-de-sac, they've been spending all of their time at neighborhood book club meetings and family mixers.
by MariachiMello November 04, 2009

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The sickly feeling one gets after partaking in too many festival activities, such as eating and drinking.
Bro: Dude, I think I ate too many brain sandwiches, I'm feeling festive-ill.

Dude: That's what you get for eating on Franklin Street.
by MariachiMello October 09, 2009

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The "Be Right Back" Detour.
When one plans on doing something in a timely manner, but becomes sidetracked and forgets to do it. An unintentional Be Back Later.
Sorry my email was late. I was going to get back to you sooner, but I took a brbtour on my way back from the kitchen and totally spaced.
by MariachiMello March 02, 2009

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