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A beard in which the only bare portion of skin is that of the chin. Intimidating beyond all belief, especially when coupled with reading glasses.

The name is derived from the period in which the style of beard thrived most, the civil war.

Those who wear the Civil War as their facial hair style of choice are 93% more likely to murder and/or speak in colonial English.
"Man, that is an awesome beard."

"Its actually The Civil War, ass wipe. Note the connecting mustache but lack of chin hair."

"Sorry! Thats an awesome Civil War!"

"Time to die!"

by MarcLittle December 10, 2008

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Shitty Vodka that comes in a plastic bottle.
Nearly guaranteed to give a gnarly hangover.
Oh God, is that fucking rubbing alcohol?!

Nah bro! Its Plodka, I picked up 3 bottles for $5.25 and a 24 of Keystone!
by MarcLittle December 08, 2008

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When one's profile on a networking website i.e. Facebook is covered with comments from attractive looking members of the opposite sex. As a rule of thumb, the more Wall Candy the better off the owner of the "Candied" Wall.
"Damn dude looks like Mike has stepped up his game."
"How so?"
"Bro his Facebook...littered with Wall Candy"
"Hell yeah. Bomb"
by MarcLittle February 02, 2009

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