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(used only in UK) - 1) A potential female sexual partner only chosen because it's eleven o'clock at night (last orders) and you still haven't pulled. 2) A not-too-pretty female who you wouldn't look twice at sober, but who takes on a princess-like aura by eleven o'clock, usually after you've had a number of drinks.
"Look at her! She is gorgeous!"
"Nah you pisshead. She's just an eleven o'clock princess"
by Marc GJ May 19, 2004

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To be so high/drunk/both that it's all you can do to drag your body around like Ozzy Osbourne.
I shouldn't have had those painkillers on top of all that beer. I'm completely Osbourned now.
by Marc GJ May 21, 2004

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Characters created by mrandmrswheatley.co.uk (see also b3ta). Probably appearing in a margarine advert very soon.
Dude 1: "Dude, you are sooooo gay"
Dude 2: "I think you'll find you're gay"
Dude 1 "I'm sorry, did you say you were gay?"
by Marc GJ June 22, 2004

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