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The almighty God of all things Japanese Anime and Manga.

The art of'Animarnia' worshipping was founded by a user on an Anime and Sci-Fi releated Internet forum and has slowly groun into a cult of around 7 people over 5 years.

Constant worship of 'Animarnia' can be attained by doing nothing, but also by watching Anime and reading Manga.
"Praise the almighty god 'ANIMARNIA'........I think i'm going krazy"

*watches more anime*
by Manning June 20, 2004
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Popular irc chat room where lots of senseless Anime and hentai talk is shared.
"You see that porn cartoon with those tenticles.."?

"It 0wnd"!
by Manning June 20, 2004
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1. An apology
2. Short for "sorry"
"I know I messed up, I'm so s0zz."
by MANNING November 23, 2004
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A tiny wrestling group in Japan, stands for "Fighting Ultimate Crazy Kings"
"Where can I get tapes of F.U.C.K.!?"
by Manning December 27, 2005
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