8 definitions by ManleyGreaseMissile

A sex act. When you’re making sweet love to your lovers bung-hole from behind. Then you pull it out mid-coitus with their brown love juices on your grease missile. At this point take those chocolatey pastels and paint a Wilson face onto a volleyball like in the Tom Hanks movie. As you resume the hedonistic act and at the exact moment of climax, spike the volleyball onto your lovers back and cry out “Willllllsoooooon!” leaving a muddy facial imprint on their back.
Let’s go back to your place after volleyball practice so I can give you a Filthy Wilson
by ManleyGreaseMissile May 24, 2021
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Beyond the pale of limpness. Some men try to fold it in half and push it in but it just doesn’t work
The love-making was thwarted by Mr. Super Soft over there.
by ManleyGreaseMissile June 10, 2021
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A shot in golf kind of like a duck hook, a low to the ground zinger that moves from left to right and still manages to find the fairway.
“That gentleman hit a fine grease missile, he must be living the life of Reilly.
by ManleyGreaseMissile April 15, 2021
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A penis at maximum tumescence well lubricated with sex juices.
He pulled out his throbbing grease missile while in the act of giving her a filthy Wilson.
by ManleyGreaseMissile May 25, 2021
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She’s on her period and not acting cool at all. That Summer is a real rag hag
by ManleyGreaseMissile March 18, 2022
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She's on her period and not acting cool at all, that Summer is a real rag hag.
by ManleyGreaseMissile June 11, 2022
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