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Temper tantrum-like tweets when someone rants on Twitter because they don't get his or her way.
President Trump started temper tweeting his outrage when his executive orders were challenged in court.
by Mamdfm February 9, 2017
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That skanky woman standing under the street light is probably working in the world's oldest profession.
by Mamdfm May 10, 2015
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John had snow on the roof, but he still managed to date a lot of much younger women.
by Mamdfm May 8, 2015
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Pronounced "mama loosha", it is an exclamation, generally used by a man when he sees a woman with large breasts.
Mama Lucia! Did you see the rack on that woman who just walked by!
by Mamdfm May 2, 2015
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A popular song style which features both rap music and rock 'n roll or pop music in one song. Some song examples would be Eminem featuring Rihanna "Monster", and Linkin Park "What I've Done".
"Timber", performed by Pitbull and Keisha, is a rap 'n roll song that appeals to fans of both rap and pop music.
by Mamdfm May 2, 2015
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Pink think is a thought process or action that is usually unique to women.
Putting on make up to go to the gym is a very pink think idea.
by Mamdfm May 4, 2015
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Threatening to smack some common sense into someone doing something foolishly dangerous. Usually threatened by a parent to a teenager. Referring to the mother during the Baltimore riots who was filmed chasing her son and smacking him because he was throwing rocks at the police.
Her mother threatened to go balti-mom on her if she found her hanging out with friends doing drugs.
by Mamdfm May 1, 2015
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