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Where the Spurs are from
Go Spurs Go.
The Spurs are from sa-town
by MAGIC October 07, 2004
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a stain left in someones tighty whiteys after they shit themselves
These here undy pants we found in the locker room have a MAD ASS skid stain on em
by Magic January 22, 2005
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I dunno...My brother made it up...He used to be on drugs...
Maybe it was what he yelled when he received his half ounce of the Ganj
Dude, here's your ganja.

by Magic January 22, 2005
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The new world word for the item normally called grass.
That smass is really green today!
by MAGIC October 10, 2005
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The tightest scratcher in all the land! He is totally l337 with the homies.
From the D to the R to the B to the U that's DoctaBu to you!
by Magic December 09, 2003
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Similar to hot.
1. Used to describe the sexiest clubbin outfit.
2. The state in which one must go out to a good club
oh my ga - you look so whoa mama we can leave now

When Nelson got to work yesterday she was looking soo whoa mama.
by Magic October 13, 2004
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An elite RuneScape player! Fear of the wilderness since begin of 2002.
Look,it's M4g1c, bow for him!
by Magic January 12, 2005
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