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A person who is funny without realizing it, charming and who loves the number six. He is considered to be a player by some of his friends, though he barely even realizes that he might be hurting some feelings. He has a great laugh and good eyes, and curly hair that really adds to his profile when it's long. He's determined and smart, and toally unique, just like the rest of us. :)
Person 1: Oh my gosh, who has that great curly hair over there?
Person 2:Silly, that's Ajay, don't you know him?
by Maddest of the O's May 06, 2011

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A person who is considered to be crazy on the outside, but is calm and relaxed on the inside. She loves foxes and adores inanimate objects, and often gets engaged with a spoon or a book just for a good laugh. She respects her friends and constantly defends the French language. She holds three identities: one for school, one for activities, and one for home. It's very easy to tell which one she's in. She loves to be unique, often hating new fads.
Wow, my girlfriend is just like Madeline! She's got so many personalities....
by Maddest of the O's April 10, 2011

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MLIA stands for My Life Is Average. It's one of the best websites ever, and they strongly dislike Justin Beiber and strongly love Harry Potter, unicorns and ninjas.
Person 1: Whoa, are you seriously dressed up as a ninja?
Person 2: Yep, MLIA.
by Maddest of the O's May 01, 2011

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A small neighborhood in Rockville, Maryland. Known for their deer and hatred toward the neighborhood next to them, Aspen Hill. Consists of very expensive houses that aren't that great. Great place to spend Halloween night in. Located around Lake Frank. Very strict Home Owner's Association.
Bob: Whoa, are we seriously going to Manor Lake?
Joe: Yeah, they have all of those huge candy bars for Halloween.
by Maddest of the O's April 10, 2011

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The only time when you feel at peace with yourself, and are truly able to be happy.
Person 1: Whoa, did she really just kiss Edward?
Person 2:OMG, it's insanity!
Person 1:Well, at least now she feels like she's one piece....
by Maddest of the O's May 06, 2011

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