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a place where it's not uncommon to see 7 year-olds barefoot running rampid across town carrying their parent's half empty vodka bottle they stole while mom and dad were sleeping. A lot of them wear SoCal or SRH, and if you ask them what SRH stands for, they'll flip you off, say, "Only TRUE stoners know, bra!" then drop their pants and continue fucking their sisters (see incest). Most of the 'cool' people are indeed inbreeding douchebags, and you can only fit in with them (let alone talk to them) is if you wear HCO and have a stick up your ass at all times. Hope you aren't shied away just yet, you'll miss the mexicans beat up some emo skanks in front of Toda Moda! Yes, mexicans (plural) because lord knows they couldn't stand in a fight if it was just one-on-one! At about 1AM, all the hoop-la is over, until someone writes a myspace bulletin about a party! Everyone who's ANYONE (and by anyone, i mean assholeslutskankuglybitchcocksuckerwhores) will be there! Don't go though, these are the types of people you need to avoid like the plague..
"Hey, let's go up to Yucca Valley tonight!"

"Well, I'm not an elitist neo-nazi so I don't think I'd get along with the people there."
by MMMMMLEONARDoo August 19, 2009

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