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The female equivelant to the term "blue balls" as stated by Dr. Spencer. The term "blue balls" is medically noted as protracted resolution by which vasodialtion has ceased to occur within the excitement phase of sexual arousal due to the lack of an efficient orgasm. This creates an uncomfortable pain in which the blood veins have experienced stretching due to increased blood flow and typically, an orgasm would relieve this pressure. When an orgasm is unachievable, the body will often take much longer for the pressure to be released as well as the veins to return to a resting state.
Student 1:"Females can get blue balls?"
Student 2:"You bet...Doctor Specer of Arizona State University has termed this Violet Vulva"
Student 1:"Interesting!"
by MIK3 September 07, 2006
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Gary Brolsma is the producer, director, and maker of the now popular "Numa Numa Dance". Through a webcam, he was able to acuratley depict what a dance to "Dragostea Din Tea" by the Romanian pop band "O-Zone" might just look like. Props to Gary on this one, it's very funny!
"Ma-ai-ii, ma-ai-huu, ma-ai-hoo, ma-ai-haha!" Watch this short dance, it'll be well worth it!
by MIK3 February 22, 2005
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The new release single of System of a Down's new CD, set to hit stores on April 26th. This first of two CD's called Mezmorize contains this song. Six months after the release of Mezmorize, Hypnotize shall be brought to stores as well. SOAD rocks, btw.
Cool, in denial
We're the cruel regulators smoking
by MIK3 February 08, 2005
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The third generation of Honda Accords. These models were produced from 1986 to 1989. 3geez come in DX, LX, LX-i, SE-i, and exclusive EX-i (Canadian version only).
3geez.com is full of the best information on the 3rd Generation Accord. Come check us out!
by MIK3 January 21, 2004
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The conjunction of the words "stupid" and "super." The word is most appropriately used when defining someone or something to be of the greatest value of super. Stupid is not derogatory in this sense, but rather acts as a synonym for "crazy" or "extreme."

This word can be both motivating as well as sarcastic.
Motivating: "Billy, you got the highest grade in the entire class. You did a "stuper" job!"

Sarcastic: "Billy, I just ran a 16.8 in the quarter mile with my 93' civic!" Billy: "Hmm...you're "stuper" quick."
by MIK3 October 05, 2007
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