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The new release single of System of a Down's new CD, set to hit stores on April 26th. This first of two CD's called Mezmorize contains this song. Six months after the release of Mezmorize, Hypnotize shall be brought to stores as well. SOAD rocks, btw.
Cool, in denial
We're the cruel regulators smoking
by MIK3 February 08, 2005
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New System Of A Down Song That Sings About Cocks and Shit. Probably has to do with something political.
My cock is much bigger then yours
My cock can walk right through the door
by D Leighton January 19, 2005
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A single from System of a Down's newest album, 'MESMERIZE'. Contains strong language, so not reccommended for young kids.

Also home to some great lyrics, as seen in the example below...
"My cock is much bigger than yours!"
by Cheeseweasel257 July 12, 2005
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