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the one man band. should be everyone's hero!
Burned Out Hippie: Dude, Keller rocks!
Burned Out Hippie's Friend: Yeah, wanna hit this bowl?
Burned Out Hippie: cough cough Those are some headies.
Burned Out Hippie's Friend: This is "the best feeling in the world."
by MACKATTACK January 25, 2005

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A sweet handsome looking masculine man with so much to offer. Someone who makes you feel wanted. Has an awesome personality and is super fun to be around. Someone worth taking a chance on...
Wish I had my cubby here with me...
by mackattack January 10, 2013

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Currently 16 year old rapper from Panama, specializing in wrestling, swag and rapping. Formally being a member of Young Money Cash Money, and now a member of Maybach Music.
Yo, did you hear about Lil Freezi's cold hit "Flex Wit Em"?

No, but I heard he was going to turnabout with his girlfriend!
by MackAttack January 10, 2013

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