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The phrase spoken by cheeky kids who are trying to hide their swearing and cussing from their parents.
Kid: "You're a real piece of ship Donny!"

Mother: "Watch your language."

Kid: "I said ship you stupid cunt."
by M3TEOR October 01, 2014
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Used in online games, or shooting activites such as paintball.
It refers to when two opposing people on different team (or potential team-mates) start a fued caused by an angry experience shared between them and purposefully aim for or anger each other further. The word Interwar derives from the term "Internet War"
E.g. Counter Strike

Terrorist Max: Oi, there's no way you could've head shotted me there! Hacker!

Counter-terrorist Tom: Hey, I don't hack, i'm just good.

Terrorist Max: I'm coming for you!

This is where the Interwar starts. When two opposing forces collide and as previously mentioned, usually in a fight or dangerous experience.
by M3TEOR July 09, 2009
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A term that is given to any musician, no matter the instrument, when they make an unusual, funny, serious or eccentric face when concentrating on playing their instrument. It is entirely subconscious, and therefore uncontrollable until noticed.
It's called "drummer's fac"e as it is more prominent in drummers than anyone else. As extreme loss of body fluids, high temperature, rapid movement and heavy syncopation are the symptoms suffered by drummers generally more-so than other musicians.
Tom was playing a fast 16-beat-groove on his drums. Slowly this became more syncopated. The point arrived when he had unknowingly (for he was lost in the music) played maniacally far over the time of the 3-minute-long song . He gazed up to the audience from his world of smashing shit as fast as humanly fucking possible to present his facemeat. His eyes now complete with red veins and his mouth now open wider than the 12 parsecs that separate the cheeks of Harrison Ford's smile. You could be mistake him for being in labour. You could mistake him for being in pain. But no, Tom was drumming the shit out of that kit. Tom had developed...Drummer's Face. And it was good.
by M3TEOR October 01, 2014
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