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A clock that certain people can set to wake up at a set time, without outside interference. Internal clock can vary the "wake time" the user may wake up at an exact time to the millisecond or within 10 minutes. Results vary per person.
Typically the internal clock will allow the user to wake up with very little drowsiness.

To set the internal clock the user must think of the time for at least 3 seconds. Results vary per person.

*Note: if user ignores his internal clock and goes back to sleep they may be more tired than normal when waking up. Not Suggested!
User: We gotta come in to work early tomorrow and my clock ran out of batterys.
Guy: Don't worry just set your internal clock tonight.

-Next day
User: Worked like a charm. Why do people waste money on alarm clocks.
Guy: Told ya so
by M0D1CA April 07, 2008
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Ud - short for Urban Dictionary, your at it now.
Guy1: What eta mean.
Guy2: Ud it n00b, goddamn.
by M0D1CA April 03, 2008
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Acrynom for energy. Commonly mistaken for nigger.
1-Hmm... what word is used alot that it needs to be shortened, but has the letters n r and g?
2- NIGGER!!!!
1- No....
2- nrg.. Energy.
1- Damn
by M0D1CA May 12, 2008
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