2 definitions by Luhhunnybun

Snigladoogis (sni, gah, luh, doo, Giss) is a title for only the jiggiest of people, they can only hold this name with enough swag and steeze to pull it off. Recordings of the Snigladoogis must be announced by the Snigladoogis by saying “it’s da real Snigladoogis” they must also use stereotypical light skin mannerisms such as lip biting and thirst trapping the camera. Undersized clout goggles, being shirtless and a backwards hat add the affect.
Ayy who is this guy”
“It’s da real Snigladoogis”
“Oh shit this guy is Fr, let’s break it down with him and get jiggy
by Luhhunnybun June 18, 2022
P rocker is a tall lanky type of specimen. they often go for bold, bald headed looks and act strangely homosexual around close friends. They tend to be shy around females but are very funny and are known to be able to recite all SCP variants yet they hide this knowledge.
“Hey you heard or P rocker, he’s that lanky one”
“The buzz cut p rocker? Ye I heard he knows all the scp’s”
by Luhhunnybun June 18, 2022