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A supporter of Choice. the word is vague for a reason. It' not pro-abortion, or pro-murder, pro-child-death-penalty, but pro-choice. The power to choose what is best for you and in some cases your children. The power to choose to support your friends or family in the choices they have made. The power to choose to live without hate in our hearts. The power to choose the children we already have over the children who might be. The power to choose learning and growing or simply not being ready. The choice to use or abuse. The choice is yours.
I'm strongly and proudly pro-choice...I choose not to.
by Ludakrissy February 28, 2009
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when your mom or a needy ex calls and don't want to talk to them. it's simple and get's the point across without feeling like an ass after.
"i would love to sit and talk about why i'm not home/why $50 is missing out of your purse/why there was an ovulation test in the trash/how much you want me back/why you should not kill yourself, but you wastin my minutes.
by Ludakrissy March 1, 2009
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