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Camille Penelope is a witty and funny person who is a great person to have as a friend or as a girlfriend. She tends to be overconfident and cocky but this is overridden with her charm and good looks. She always brings unique attributes to the friend group she is placed with.
Camille Penelope is the most popular girl at my school but still does not have a boyfriend.
by Lovelifedefinitions8978 August 12, 2017
A famous musician from the 1970’s and 1980’s but who is completely irrelevant now. Now he is washed up but still very rich. He spends his days giving money to his wife, who is 30 years younger than him.
by Lovelifedefinitions8978 November 9, 2017
To be shook, woke or fucked up by something funny or surprising.
Melissa getting suspended got me hella jenked.

Have you seen the nose job Jess got? it jenked me up.
by Lovelifedefinitions8978 November 9, 2017
Rasing your eyebrows up and down twice is a type of flirting
He was raising your eyebrows at his crush
by Lovelifedefinitions8978 November 22, 2013
Theos tend to be anti social, full of themselves and are hard to be around. If you ever find a Theo, steer clear from this abomination to society. On the other hand, he will always forgive you and will present long lasting loyalty.
Theo bragged about friends he doesn't have.
by Lovelifedefinitions8978 August 12, 2017