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Born in a particular area, town, city, country, continent. and have been brought up there by your parents, carers ect. for all or most of your childhood + adolecent life.
I was born and bred in the United Kingdom.

Person 1: Hi Im K...., where are you from?
Person 2: Im from the UK, born and bred.
by Louloupops August 26, 2006
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In the UK sometimes used to describe a persons actions or attitude.

For example, consecutive relationships which are close together, moving groups of friends regularly, changing jobs/university subjects/hobbies, moving home more regular then most people, ect.

A Person who is not content by settling into something wheather it be an important life decition or just day to day stuff.

A person who has an unpredictable nature/personality

A person who gets a buzz from regular change.
Person: My friend called S.... Flits from one guy to another, she just doesn't stop! I cant keep up with who she's dating. she changes her blokes like she changes her knickers!

Person: This year I've been flitting from one job to another, I can't seem to find one I like.

Person: I've moved 3 times this year! I find it exiting flitting around from one place to another.

Person: Im taking a year out of university to go backpacking, flitting around Europe. I have no idea where I'll be from day to day! I'll just have to see where I end up when I go.

Person: My friend K.....'s flitted again. Shes on to her third man this month.

Person (on a night out): Lets flit around tonight, we'll go to one pub after another and try to hit a couple of clubs too.

Person: My dog's really flitty, he keeps running around misbehaving and begin really hyper.
by Louloupops August 26, 2006
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