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Adjective: Describes a Jeckyll and Hyde like character - a person who is apt to change from a good person to an evil person (combination of benevolent and malevolent).
Dr Jeckyll is manevolent, as he shifts quickly from caring doctor to evil and violent murderer Mr Hyde.
Mary-Lou can be lovely and kind one minute and spitefully vindictive the next - she is such a manevolent cow.

'Jack the manevolent nurse was happy by day caring for his helpless patients while all the while plotting how he could overdose them with morphine when the lights went out'
by LouLou333 April 05, 2010
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Adverb: 1. Pertaining to evolutionary functions as they apply to stupid behaviour. The death of an individual in the pursuit of a particularly stupid stunt or activity, thereby eradicating their stupid genes from the human gene pool (especially if the individual has not yet bred) - cf survival of the fittest; genetic adaptation.
It is in the interests of the survival of humans as a whole that such people die in the pursuit of these actions, as otherwise they may reproduce and therefore pass on these stupid genes to their offspring.
2. Adaptation; changes occurring across an entire species as it adapts to its environment.
'Hopefully the dumb Australian explorers Burke and Wills did not breed prior to dying evolutionarily. It would not be in the Darwinian interests of the species for such idiots to have children.'
'It was only a matter of time before Steve Irwin died evolutionarily. Unfortunately he left sprogs behind - hopefully they will not be as dumb as he was.'
'Evolutionarily speaking wisdom teeth, beards and male nipples should have disappeared by now since they are completely useless these days.'
by LouLou333 April 07, 2010
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Noun: A room which functions as both a shower room and a laundry room - Shower/laundry - Shaundry. Common in apartments, small houses etc where space is an issue. Also includes the 'European laundry' where the washing machine/dryer etc are concealed behind doors in a part of the bathroom.
As Mary-Lou languished in the hot shower, she leaned over and tossed her knickers into the nearby washing machine - and thanked the Lord for her handy Shaundry.

It was washing day for Mary-Lou, so she went to the shaundry and loaded the washing machine; dammit, she mused, I will have a shower while I am here. So she did.
by LouLou333 April 11, 2010
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