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Someone who is a retard, or dumb ass, it is usually said in a jokingly way or another way of saying "You're stupid for doing that"
guy 1: *kicks girl1 best friend*
Girl1: Why did you do that you stupid idiot???
by LoserPopculture March 15, 2020
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the act of being indecisive even though you act like you want one thing but choose the other
Josh: Stop piddy-paddling! you act like you love me but you still dont make our relationship official!
by LoserPopculture February 10, 2021
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A saying by actual idiots when someone has misfortune but not enough to say "Man that sucks" or "I'm sorry"
by LoserPopculture February 21, 2020
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Favouring a higher authority so they'll favour you.
Low rank: You're looking amazing today!
High rank: Thank you!

Somebody else: That low rank is always cockriding a high rank.
by LoserPopculture February 25, 2020
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