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When it's 4:30 pm and you suddenly realize your to do list is no shorter than it was when you started. It might, in fact, be longer.
4:15 already? Holy cow, but this has been an evap-o-day.
by LoriLynn May 12, 2011
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Work related activities that are done in a rush with seemingly no larger planning or thinking.
The proposal is due tomorrow, so maybe we should submit something. We don't have any current products that make sense, but hey, it's a non-strategic plan of attack! Cancel all my meetings! Hand me a pen!
by Lorilynn January 07, 2011
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An auditory disease where speakers catch the accent of others and begin using it in their conversation.
When you were on the phone with North Carolina, your klepto-accentitis kicked in, and you said, "Ya'll need to hush up now" in a southern twang!
by Lorilynn December 03, 2010
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