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NME Magazines 'answer to The Strokes,but they're british,they have fitter members and better music on a whole' Pete Doherty is going out with kate moss.Caros Barat is hanging around with confused looking indie B-Listers.John Hassall has his own band Yeti(quite good actually) and Gary?....
Good Question what is Gary doing at the mo?.....
by Lordette Marz February 8, 2005
band fronted by Peter Doherty of The Libertines.They're quite good but secretly everyone wants them to flop so he can join The Libertines again.
'Yeah you know them fuckin cunts in babyshambles yeah, I only saw them an their crackhead mates shootin up with Pete innit'
'Is it?'
by Lordette Marz February 4, 2005
Used by The Libertines in their song Death On The Stairs.No-one actually knows what it means.
From way far across the sea
Came an eritrean maiden she
Had a one track mind and eyes for me
Half blinded in the war
by Lordette Marz January 7, 2005