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I used to play Diablo 2 quite a lot about 4 years ago. It can be lots of fun unless you play it too much, in which case, it'll get boring and repetitive. But if you just play it in small doses, the repetition side effects could be minimised.

It's a shame when people forsake their friends, loved ones, family, education and careers just to play this game. Why the hell would you do that?
In Diablo 2 multiplayer, I used to be an asshole and go hostile (hostile is where you can duel other players) when the others just wanted to do their quests, haha. But shortly I changed my ways and actually worked with people. It can be fun when you play with others, just don't use it as your staple diet in life.

Don't blame the game for addiction problems, blame the idiots who let this game run their lives.
by Lord Desolator March 25, 2006

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A Porta Swamp is a really sweaty glove you can wear, so that you can capture the essence of the swamp with the palm of your hand. The underwear format is available too.
The Porta Swamp is disgusting and feels hot and humid on the hand itself. I love it!
by Lord Desolator July 31, 2005

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One of the greatest black/death metal bands ever. They are an Australian band.
Darklord has one CD so far, Symphony Satanikka, which kicks ass!
by Lord Desolator January 15, 2006

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