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A #selfie, a picture that is self taken over and over and can never be pleased with the slight areas of issues to have with features...like blemishes, wonky eye, big nose, stiff upper lip, double chin....bless whoever has all of those and not just the one!!!
Jilly: (snap) mmmm, now which one should I use? (asks her teddy bear)

Teddy: (just stares)

Jill: well you're no help, you're suppose to point out how beautiful I am.

Teddy: (just stares with a slight shrugging look this time)

Jill: so which #selfie pic am I supposed to use then....mmmmm, how about all of them?

Teddy: (just stares this time with sheer panic)

If only teddy bear could shake his head frantically!!!
by Long Johns November 27, 2013

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The inform some one of the truth, to let them know in honesty, have any one be told what they wish to hear.
After Sandra and Dave gave birth to a baby boy, Dave started to doubt his new born child. One night while Sandra was out playing bingo with the girlies, leaving Dave to take care for his new toddler. Sitting in his high chair being fed his supper, Dave asks, 'now son, come on spill the beans. Who is really your father?' And the beans went all over his face.
by Long Johns October 21, 2015

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Any job done by someone else who are distracted or careless with their work and make a total bodge Job of it.

Also known as Botch Job.
Bob - "I'll have this done in no time."

Customer - "That is what I was worried about, a bodge job."


Craig - "Yes love, I be there. Ok hun, see you later."

Customer - "Will you be getting on with your work or be on the phone all day and make a total bodge job?"


Apprentice - "I think I finished the job boss."

Boss - "You made a right bodge job of that haven't you"
by Long Johns March 16, 2012

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Like a 'darling' but someone of a famous background, a celeb, a TV/Film star, singer; of that whom is infatuated, obsessed, admiring, in love with.
"My new found fame for a famous person is such a star-ling."
by Long Johns December 19, 2011

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To mean having a dilemma of a time, stressed out, frustrated. Just like our much loved cuddly wuddly blue man 'Iggle Piggle' will do as he falls back with legs up in the air. To express that feeling to sigh, to become dumbstruck, to almost give-up. When having that sense to pull your hair out and scream and shout from stress.
I am having an Iggle Piggle moment right now
by Long Johns June 30, 2011

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To encourage those to be out of their homes and within an area of society where majority of public are located....ruling the roost by forcing those to live harder.
After the neandrethal had found themselves out of the woods, by the luring of the nightly wolves under moonlight. The then change in life was to bring them out of their homes, too, thus the encouragement to pay their ways with money. Similar to finding themselves out of the woods, but to control the masses to be in a location of civilisation.
by Long Johns October 21, 2015

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When you have that bloated gut feeling to go to the toilet, thinking it will be a No.2. But then, the echoes from the toilet bowl encourages the wind released to resemble an elephant farting.....
Jay had a bad case to rush to the toilet for feeling winded. Only his gut feeling was only that, wind and gave off a loud elephart.
by Long Johns November 30, 2011

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