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Zabi is the name of a guy who is utterly awesome but usually keeps to himself. He brags about his skills and can most of the time back it up. He’s pretty funny but can also be pretty awkward. Oh and he’s probably the biggest virgin you will ever know since he likes he’s titles
Dude I wish Zabi would be my friend.
by PewPewPewwwww July 13, 2018
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it's a boy whose not sure if he's a boy. He loves being on aim. he's kinda cool at times but watch out because he gets mood swings. He's totally white but wishes he was black. He likes getting head from BOPS. Over all i think is a really cool kid. and has an awesome heart. and dont fuck with his friends because he'll go east oakland on your ass. YAYUHHHHHHHHH.
Is that a girl or a boy.? It must be a ZABI!
by KingZabiOfNewark June 24, 2008
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"zabi" is an arabic word with foreign characters which mean "dick"
Me: have you seen the new teached
My Friend: yes he is like zabi
by Tayeb May 18, 2018
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