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The mantra you say as a dude when you're in your 50s at a bar or lounge, and you're still crushin' it with a vast age range of attractive ladies.

Glenn is a confident and jovial light skinned black man well into his 50s, who easily presents as a forty-something year old. He's strikingly chiseled like a spry linebacker, wearing a form fitting poly-blend t-shirt, a baseball cap--backwards--and break away magnetic reading glasses that comfortably rest on his swole traps when not in use.

Glenn is gregarious. He has a grin from ear-to-ear, an infectious laugh, and he will happily buy a shot of life for a young, fun lady and her friend who approach him in a likely attempt to rub up against his mature, yet muscular frame. Glenn is not afraid to roll solo to a bar or nightclub where most of the patrons are younger than him.

In summary, if you're a dude who's chasing tail, and you see a "Glenn"--get in his orbit, and good things are bound to happen for you! Soon, you'll be glennnnning!!!!

Liam: "Hey bro, I'm having no luck with the ladies tonight."

Steve: "You should go hang out near that styling brother over there and you'll be glenning in no time!"


Jack: "Yo Coach! Did you just see that girl stick her tongue down Glenn's throat?!"

Coach: "Uhhh...yeah. Can you say glennning?!"
by Lloyd Braun 32550 October 18, 2017

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