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To cease a motion.
You stop moving motherfucker you dropped your wallet.
by Lloyd Banks August 19, 2003

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A great alternative punk hard rock band that is cool
Yo dis album is the shizzie
by Lloyd Banks September 14, 2004

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Illest lyricist this side of the Globe.
<BladeTR> These niggas dont want me ballin, they want me burried, thrown under the dirt with shots flury, layin with bugs under my shirt. under my chest is a heart of a lion i aint lyin bounty hunters got me flyin with my iron, high as a giant, im runnin from nothing my stomach is touching what im clutching to give you more than a concussion, end of discussion, and my blood is colder so im bolder, hood on my shoulders look in the mirror i see a soldier
by Lloyd Banks August 09, 2004

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While penetrating your Canadian bitch, you shove your cock balls deep into her asshole and realese your man juice, letting the cum ooze out of there onto a clam shell, then make her suck it out, like a raw clam
Yo John Canadian clambaked his woman last night at the party. Shit was crazy
by Lloyd banks January 05, 2014

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pussy ass faget got no talent to rap GGGGGGG-UNIT
news person: long-time rival of mighty g-unit JA RULE was just shot 9 times.
by Lloyd Banks December 08, 2003

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A blonde haired flammer that cheerleads and yells alot when he gets mad and laughs histerically when its not funny at all!
Anthony is a yante because he fucked Vir while laughing like a bitch and yelling
by Lloyd Banks July 24, 2004

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you get yo ass whipped for chips
soon as you aint around jake
you get yo ass whipped for chips
now thats the real definition of poundcake
by lloyd banks September 09, 2004

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