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This term is used when describing idiotic posh people.
Examples of these people may be the stupid twats you see in shows like The Only Way is Essex or Made in Chelsea.

These people try to act cool, then end up turning the whole situation into the most awkward thing ever. They are so, insanely stupid. This often happens when girls are involved.
They simply do not understand the language of teenage slang.

Examples of this behaviour; Will from the Inbetweeners.
'Man, that bitch is hot.'
'What? Where's this over-heated dog?'
'Why are you such a weiner?'
by LittleLoser October 09, 2011
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GAP; G - Generally, A - Awesome, P - Person.

They tend to linger on places like twitter, which indicates that these people are GAP's for a living. Once a GAP, always a GAP. Characteristics of a GAP, include good senses of humour and good taste in music.

Occasionally taken the wrong way by some people, unless explained clearly.

Cannot be self proclaimed.
'You're a GAP!'
'Excuse me? I mean, I know I have a few gaps in my teeth, but I am getting braces!'
'No, that's not what I meant! You are a GAP! A Generally Awesome Person!'
'Aw, thanks. You too!'
by LittleLoser October 08, 2011
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