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Hometown of:
-The second worst Baseball team ever
(Seconded to the 62' mets)
-One of the 3 worst NFL teams ever
(The other 2 being Arizona/St. Louis
Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints)
-A shitty Basketball team that is doing OK right now.
The wings are the greeetes!
by Linux System Message February 29, 2004

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Detroit Public Schools
The DPS once tried to include Ebonics as a Foreign Language.
by Linux System Message November 24, 2004

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A fan base of blowhard, egotistical, elitist children stuck following a team in their shit-hole state because there’s nothing else for them to live for; The Cleveland Browns suck, the Cleveland Indians suck, the Cleveland Cavaliers suck, and the last time the Buckeyes won anything remotely resembling a legitimate championship was, to the best of my recollection, about 800 years ago under some senile old bastard named Woody Hayes.

Then along comes the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Sure, the Buckeye's QB Craig Krenzel was only 7-of-21, for 122 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions, but the Buckeyes had a secret weapon in the form of an incompetent ref by the name of Terry Porter. You see, Porter's blatantly obvious blunder snatched victory from the legitimate champion Miami Hurricanes and instead gift-wrapped the outcome for the Buckeyes. Unfortunately Porter's blown call against the Hurricanes has forever tainted the first Buckeye "title" (I'm even ashamed to call it that) in about 800 years.

Then, in the aftermath of this forever-tainted "title", hordes of long-deprived Buckeye fans streamed to NCAA message boards, repeatedly posting about how great Thee Ohio State University (Elitist, egotistical bastards anyone?) were during the 2002 season (even though the Buckeyes were incredibly fortunate not to lose 5 games during the season), and on top of that, posting about how there was absolutely no way that any team other than the Buckeyes would win the next 20 (or even more) championships while finding as may ways to “insult” the University of Michigan as they could despite every one they struggled to think of only came out to sound like one-way childish name calling.

In the midst of all of this comes the revelation that the Buckeye's star running back was, in all likelihood, academically ineligible to even play in the Fiesta Bowl. The NCAA is still trying to sort out the mess.
Childish, egotistical, unwanted… that’s Thee Ohio State University.
by Linux System Message March 30, 2005

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