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Literally meaning the one who masturbates; and has become dumb because of that, but commonly used instead of a friends name(1). It can also lead to a broken nose if used to address a person one is not familiar with and can be used to threaten as well.
1. Re malaka, pame gia kamia frappa.
2. Tha sou spasw th mouri re malaka.
by Lin++ March 29, 2005

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A person capable of maintaining several objects on the air simultaneously. These are usually clubs, balls and rings but can be extended to knives, chainsaws, torches, babies. Jugglers are most of the time math lovers and geeks of several kinds, but can also be art freaks.

Note: Most jugglers have nothing to do with circus or clowns, so don't bother asking.
When one performs eating the apple while juggling then he can be referred to as a clown.
'Static sucks being a juggler and should not post things not true on the urban dictionary.'

Jugglers have been around since before your civilization was.
by Lin++ March 29, 2005

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It comes from the word 'frappe', meaning instant coffee. It is used
in conjunction with the word 'pafa'
Denw frapa, dese pafa.
by Lin++ March 29, 2005

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Juggling, what a juggler does. It is a sport or an art, whatever you decide it to be.
Juggling makes your brain bigger.
by Lin++ March 29, 2005

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