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noun: event in which all students attending Rutgers University, a state university of New Jersey, drink excessive amounts of cheap beer, roast pigs and openly share and contract any number of the hundreds of STDs for which Rutgers is famously known to incubate. It is surmised that one of the residence halls on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus was a hot zone for some of the more serious epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases of the mid-90s.
"Dude, Rutgersfest '08 was fucking insane. After I polished off 3 cases of Natty Ice, I ate a fuckin' pig eye and woke up in the bathtub with that chubby chick from Alpha Mega Ho. There's a bitemark on my elbow and my balls are really itchy, but It was fucking awesome. I think."
by Lilly Caitlyn Gorman Jr May 03, 2008

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