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Meaning, "Not Irish"

Most countries don't place their nation's name before an invention. Eg: they are called trains, not British trains, Washing Machines not German Washing Machines, Gas lighting, not Dutch Gas lighting. The Irish have cottoned on to this fact and come up with a cunning strategy. You take something foreign and place the words "Traditional Irish" in front of and the people are generally so stupid they simply believe it.
Traditional Irish Bouzouki, Traditional Irish Flute, Traditional Irish Jig, Traditional Irish Hornpipe, Traditions Irish Guitar, Traditional Irish Didgeridoo, Traditional Irish Shepherd's Pie, Traditional Irish Pizza, Traditional Irish Sushi, Traditional Irish Eskimo Dancing, ect..............
by Lillburne August 10, 2018
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Posh-Splaining is when a middle class or liberal class person talks about the poor or working class, usually believing they have some insight or knowledge, which always turns out to based upon effete assumptions based on self delusion. Their attitude and ideas are normally utterly aloof and condescending,but they are usually not intelligent enough to even realise this.
Posh-Splaining :- Those poor people are not very educated or intelligent and don't have a sociology degree like me, so don't understand their own lives as much as I do. They need me to think and talk for them.
by Lillburne March 14, 2017
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