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A show on Nick that's pretty funny. People disagree cause they thought this show is another girly show about how they can live their dreams. If they watched the show for more than a minute they might now how good it actually is. This new comedy stars the beautiful and talented Victoria Justice who plays Tori Vega. Who is a girl after doing a performance taking her sister Trina Vega(Daniella Monet)place in a performance. and has characters like Cat Valentine(Ariana Grande) another beautiful,and talented girl, Jade West(Elizabeth Gillies), Andre Harris(Leon Thomas 3), Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett), and Beck Oliver(Avan Jogia).This show is probably the best Dan Schneider show created sense Drake and Josh. It deals with actual teen problems unlike the other ones.Icarly is just a show about a webshow, and Zoey 101 witch had Victoria Justice in it was just a boarding school that was treated more as Paris cause all the romance.Beating Drake and Josh would be hard but possible for this show. I give it 5 stars.
kid 1: you know what may be the best show on Nick sense Drake and Josh?-Victorious
kid 2: I love that show I can't get enough of Victoria Justice, or Ariana Grande
by Lil Patriot October 15, 2011
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an amazing channel. that is until it got greedy things to its utterly boring theme parks. once playing cartoons like Dave The Barbarian now plays shows like Hannah Montana. the fucking stupid pop music bullshit makes me wanna be death. and when it came to my town of OKC the ticket to it was like 700 bucks, wtf thats bullshit i could get an Eminem concert ticket for like 60, that was one of the many exp. of disneys greedy ass. one day i was laughing at the cartoons the next a stupid zitcom about a slutty tween(sorry teen) being a pop star but yet no talent. when the laugh track came on i was like wtf that wasnt funny. And the worst movie created every thats not even realistic came in known as High School Musical i heard nothing but those stupid songs for days(thanks alot u fat chicks who watched that shit, oh and u do sound like them cause they sound like shit) this musical created a chance for disney channel to make MORE products making their power over everything even more and grew greedier. this could destroy mankind Walt Disney would be so ashamed of the ones running disney now. how is pot not legal when this show kills more brain cells, futures, sense of humor, tv as we know it
your watching tv and whats on is south park
You-man this shows so funny
your little sibling walks in after getting promission to watch {disney channel] and turns it
sibling- yeah i love Hannah Montana
You- oh hell no
you start walking out the front door with a shotgun and a wallet full of money
Mom- what the hell are you doing
You- going to Orlando and killing those sons of bitches
by Lil Patriot November 06, 2011
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another word for prostitute, this isn't the same as a slut, a whore has sex for something in return, a slut just does sex cause she wants to, oh and before you go out and try and buy one. Their not cheap, and those that are most likely have STDs (sexually transmitted disease) which well kill you.
Guy one- hey do you have some money?
Guy two- why and how much?
Guy one- I'm gonna buy that whore for sex, a couple of bens would do.
by Lil Patriot October 19, 2011
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