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Also a Tiktok trending hash tag, iykyk stands for IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW.

If you were there, you'd know, but if you weren't, you wouldn't. Simple teenage stuff...
The party was cray cray! #iykyk
by Lil Mitts July 26, 2020
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When you are so bored you search this up in hope of finding something new. Or maybe it was just satisfying.
When the business lawsuit of the institute yadda yadda 1234567890987654321
by Lil Mitts May 25, 2020
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No one has been born yet that hasn't lived through COVID-19. So when will the new generation find this post?

Here's a run through. I'm an OG and you'll be hearing it fresh from a survivor.

- toilet paper shortages are true
- people dying :(
- canned food, everyone is packing
- Tiktok becoming our dictionaries 😞
COVID-19 is shat! I mean, I saw it all...
by Lil Mitts July 26, 2020
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