4 definitions by Lil Dougie 69

When a woman decides to take part in the act of masturbation. The "link" is the finger of the female and the "pink" is the vagina. The finger and the vagina link together/go inside each other. Thus creating a "Pink Link."
"Hey Amanda I'm going to do the pink link"
"Okay Brittney just wash your hands afterwards."
by Lil Dougie 69 June 11, 2019
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When a man of any race (Asians most likely) have a small penis equivalent to the size of a Tic Tac. When a male has a Tic Tac dick they usually can't have good relationships with girls.
"Hey Bobby I heard that Akira has a Tic Tac dick"
"No way man that means he can't fuck real good"
"I know, I guess Akira and Brittney broke up then"
by Lil Dougie 69 June 10, 2019
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A person who worships everything the rapper "Drake" does. He listens to Drake and Drake only, buys all his albums, and buys merchandise related to the rapper. The person will be offended if you say anything negative about Drake. This term can be applied to any rapper. Replace Drake with any other rapper and the term will be accurate. Examples: X Rider, Lil Peep Rider, Joey Bada$$ Rider, Lil Pump Rider, Smokepurpp Rider, etc.
I think that you're being a little bit of a Drake Rider
by Lil Dougie 69 June 14, 2019
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