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What is fun to do, but is misunderstood for causing real-world violence (see Jack Thompson). A real video gamer judges video games, not video game systems. Each video game systems has good games and bad games. There is no system that has all good games.
Examples of video games:
Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Tommy Vercetti, Master Chief
by Light dude September 21, 2007

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Was the guitarist for The Icarus Line and now the guitarist for Nine Inch Nails. He uses Hagstrom guitars, and he can be seen with one in the music video of "The Hand that Feeds." In 2002 (while he was still with The Icarus Line), at a performance in Austin, Texas, he broke the casing of a guitar from Stevie Ray Vaughn, and attempted to plug it in. Because of this, he has received numerous death threats from outraged Texans. The Icarus Line is also banned from playing at the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, California after Aaron North threw his guitar into expensive lighting equipment. He is also known for going into crowds and physically "dealing" with hecklers. North is a co-owner of Buddyhead (a record label notorious for it's gossip; labels for bands like The Cassettes, Wires on Fire, and more), along with Travis Keller. Two years ago, in 2005, he performed as a guitarist in some of Queens of the Stone Age's shows. In July of 2006, a lawsuit was tagged with him and Nine Inch Nails. The plaintiff of this lawsuit (Wisconsin security guard Mark LaVoie) claimed that North had intentionally and violently injured him while Nine Inch Nails were doing a show at Alliant Energy Center on October 13, 2005.
Aaron North is quoted as saying, "I'm the youngest, and shortest in the band. I believe I fart the least as well. I like milkshakes, unicorns and obscure underground German speed metal records."
by Light dude March 25, 2007

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a shortened saying of saying, "Went to France."
"Yesterday, Bob WTF in Europe."
by Light dude September 17, 2006

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