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Christian Weston Chandler. A 20something web celeb who is a high-functioning autistic male who is looking for a boy-friend free girl who is sweet, loving, and doesn't smoke. CWC is noted for wearing a horizontal striped t-shirt in bright colors (despite his chubby girth) and his medallion resembling a yellow sonic-like creature. His hobbies are sonic/Pokemon hybrids.
I'm a virgin who will never get laid-I'm doomed to the life of sonichu.

by Lena-Scarlette Katrina August 21, 2008
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Usually used as a term to define the mindset of someone (usually a simpleton) who insists that everyone should live in a magical fairy tale world where everyone shares tofu and sugar free snacks and reads fairy tales to each other. The term is also used to define someone who believes that the big bad wolf will get them if they don't ban all non G rated movies.
Good God, if I ever have to listen to her fairy shit banter about why we should ban dodge ball, I'm going to hang myself by my spinal cord.
by Lena-Scarlette Katrina November 2, 2008
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A person who attempts to smuggle drugs (cocaine, heroine, meth etc.) by swallowing balloons, condoms, and latex gloves and recover them from a bowel movement.
In Locked Up Abroad, Mark Knowles is considered a body packer, he swallowed 67 condoms filled with cocaine.
by Lena-Scarlette Katrina August 21, 2008
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Crappy Zelda game made for the CD-i back in 1993. Known as one of the worst games ever made because of the jerky body movements in the FMVs, random statements ("this is illegal, you know" and MY CAKES WILL BURN"), and the fact that the voice actors are Russians who have a limited grasp for English. Enough, my ship sails in the morning...I wonder what's for dinner.
Nothing is more random than Wand of Gamelon. The only good use for the game is YouTube poop where the game is ridiculed for our amusement.
by Lena-Scarlette Katrina October 30, 2008
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