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A fictional purple wolf that covers his face with a mask. He comes from the show Popee the Performer. He does not ever talk in the show. He loves food but mostly chicken. He is very nice once you know him, he is somewhat of a pushover, but he has a good reason to be scared of murderous his clown of a "best friend", named popee. He loves a show that seems to be the only show in the show he is in. He is very friendly, and does not want to show his full face, and you will never see it.
This user does not know of a good sentence to put here for Kedamono. :P
by LemonzLimezPersonz May 27, 2022
inclined or likely to vomit. or suffering from ill health. if you see the other definition, you will most likely laugh.
Person 1: did you hear that dude?

Person 2: Which one? Your being generic...
Person 3: the one who was sik...
Person 2: yeah how did you know?

Person 3: i was that person.
by LemonzLimezPersonz May 27, 2022
You, referring to you. Yes you. I have been studying you since you came to this world. I have seen what you have been doing. With your lies, nose, and your SINS. Just so you know, if anything, ANYTHING, happens with YOU involved...I will turn to drastic measures involving the police especially if you breathe. STOP TRYING TO HIDE. I WILL FIND YOU AND WILL possibly slap you with dino nuggies >:(. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID.
by LemonzLimezPersonz June 8, 2022