Character from popee the performer
Needs much care
Is a purple doggo and likes chicken
Please help him
He dies in every episode

Please take care of him he is sad
Person 1-did you heard about kedamono?
Person 2-yes I did
Person 1-he died
Person 2-why are we named person 1 and person 2? Why is our grammar so bad?
by OwOwhatisthat December 20, 2016
A purple wolf with an infinite amount of masks on, covering his face. Kedamono feels like he would be hated if he showed his face because he is a wolf and everyone knows a wolf's dangerous nature. But because he is so sensitive, weak and pitiful, Kedamono gets picked on and killed all the time even if everyone is aware that he is a wolf. He gets abused by some 17 year old named Popee who has a 5 year old's brain. Kedamono is from a 3D animated show called Popee The Performer.
"I feel so bad for Kedamono, he really doesn't deserve all the hatred from Popee :(. "
by bunniboy<3 May 10, 2021
Kedamono is from popee the performer he wears a mask without it IT'S A WOLF!!!
My siblings loves Kedamono
by Ella the fox March 28, 2022
A fictional purple wolf that covers his face with a mask. He comes from the show Popee the Performer. He does not ever talk in the show. He loves food but mostly chicken. He is very nice once you know him, he is somewhat of a pushover, but he has a good reason to be scared of murderous his clown of a "best friend", named popee. He loves a show that seems to be the only show in the show he is in. He is very friendly, and does not want to show his full face, and you will never see it.
This user does not know of a good sentence to put here for Kedamono. :P
by LemonzLimezPersonz May 27, 2022