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The racist door is a figurative/metaphorical door that is opened when somebody makes a racist comment. This either allows for further racist comments or it allows for the retort: "You are a racist" or words to that effect, thereby closing the racist door.

Coined on Mock The Week, by Frankie Boyle, when someone made a racist comment against Scotland (his homeland) and he replied: "Thanks for opening the racist door for me."
"Hello children, shall we see what's behind the racist door today? Oh, it's ching chong chinaman."

<hears racist comment> "Does anybody hear a creaking door?"

- Frankie Boyle
by LemonZeppelin September 12, 2009
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Skivitis (pronounced sky-vight-is) is a temporary illness, characterised by severe lack of desire to go to school. Often, the student suffering from Skivitis will avoid school (or 'skive') even during school hours. This illness can be cured by a phone call from the school to the student's parents or alternatively by calling the police or student welfare officer.
Student: I can't go into school today, I'm ill with skivitis.
by LemonZeppelin October 2, 2009
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The 10 minute rule, and in some cases the 5 or even 15 minute rule, is an unwritten rule in schools, colleges and universities.

The rule is used when you have a class/lecture, and the idea is that if the teacher/lecturer is not there in the classroom within the said time period (5, 10 or 15 minutes - depending on what has been decided) then you can assume that they aren't coming and you can therefore leave to do other stuff/go home. This could also possibly be used in the workplace for meetings. (change 'teacher' to 'boss')

N.B. This rule can also be used/changed to deliberately skip classes. E.g. if you know that a teacher will be 10 minutes last, you can switch to using the 5 minute rule and leave before they get there, thereby skipping the class.
Student 1: It's been 8 minutes and Mr Greenwood isn't here yet.

Student 2: 10 minute rule?

Student 1: Good idea. If he's not here in the next 2 minutes, I'm off.
by LemonZeppelin September 23, 2009
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Knighthood - the status of being a knight

Singlehood - the status of being single

Some can't wait to escape singlehood, some don't mind it or even revel in it. When you get a girl/boyfriend, this marks the end of singlehood for you. Likewise, when you break up with them, you re-enter into singlehood.
Guy 1: I finally got a girlfriend!!

Guy 2: So you can finally leave singlehood behind, then.

Guy 1: Damn right. Let's go for a drink.
by LemonZeppelin September 23, 2009
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