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Short for Bang-Worthy. Is said of a sexually desirable female.

Pronounced "bee dubayew".
Used to be sorta secretive when there are other people around.

(having this word on Urban Dictionary might defeat the very purpose it was created for though but was the best way I could think of to actually take credit for its creation)

-Term coined by LeDur May 1st 2012 while taking in 2nd hand smoke from coworkers
Dom: Man I was talking to this annoying girl while I was on the bus.
Me: Really? BW?
Dom: Totally. But only if she shat up.
by LeDur February 08, 2013

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Is said of a mistake that was made by a newbie.

Comes from the fusification of the words n00b and mistake in a way that sounds like the band Hoobastank. Listening to them might be considered a mistake.

Coined by LeDur while speaking with a friend that ended up getting charged unecessarily at an ATM - Nov 1st 2012
Dude: Man I forgot to switch to Geico and then I got charged with fees on this no-fee ATM!
Dude's friend: Those are such noobastakes!
by LeDur February 07, 2013

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