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A boy who is pretty much a living accessory. There to make a girl look good. No emotional attachment involved. Can also be written as B.T. for short.
Did you see the new Beyonce video? The boy toy in that is hot.
by Le One March 14, 2006
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the most amazing feeling in the world. its when you would give up anything for the person you love. its when you are happy even if they are with someone else, as long as they are happy. its that jittery feelign you get around them. its the nights you stay up sleeplessly thinking about them. its when they break your heart but you still have feelings for them. its when nothing can seperate yhe two of you. its when you cant help looking at them, when your eyes just drift over to them. its when you feel like your walking on clouds when you make eye contact. its when you start crying about them for no reason, out of joy or pain. its when theyre the only thing on your mind.
i loved him more than anything, and i always will.

"From the bottom of my broken heart
Even though time may find me somebody new
You were my real love, I never knew love
'Til there was you"
by Le One May 20, 2005
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