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A very beautiful black/asian model. She is very beautiful and has the most prettiest face. I think (in my own opinion) is prettier than Tyra Banks. Not as successful but more prettier. She is so pretty and has an amazing body.
Tomika Skanes is hot.
by Layloni March 24, 2006
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not all white girls think skinny is sexy...im not white..im a asian/black but some people think different. Somebody typed in i think "white girls cant get it right". that wuz kinda mean...anyways Skinny is well being thin. i really dont prefer skinny actually, i prefer medium. not skinny. not fat. Skinny can look kinda ugly. most skinny girls have no butts and most guys dont like flat asses. super skinny legs is not attractive either. i am not being mean..cuz i have skinny legs :-((( i dont really like it cuz when i wear jeans they look like i have chicken legs. :(((( but some skinny girls are attractive. so my point is. some skinny girls are unattractive and some skinny girls can be attractive. i am saying this because almost every female wants to be skinny!
Shirley:I love being skinny. Skinny makes me feel sexy and hot.
Lisa: I dont like being skinny. I prefer thick and lucious but not fat.
by Layloni March 22, 2006
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