4 definitions by La-Reina-De-DR

Dique - A Dominican word meaning supposedly or not even.
AnaMaria - Dique that bitch say she's gonna beat my ass!

Gennesy - Dique !!
by La-Reina-De-DR May 30, 2006
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A word in Spanish meaning devil, but also used for damn or fuck ...
by La-Reina-De-DR June 3, 2006
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Boonk is a word to describe someone you mess w|.
female or male
can also be used for sex or wet, in some situations.
Lashay- So whats good w| you & your boonk?
Naynay- You already know me & the boonk is doing good.
by La-Reina-De-DR August 6, 2007
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A Dominican word meaning
*-tell me or tell me about it ...
(could be used as what in some situations)
Lynda - Guess what papi?

Jose - dimelo mami ...
by La-Reina-De-DR June 3, 2006
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