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One who is a willinging complient to sexual intercourse. No dates, wooing, flowers, or love necessary!

Usually associated with the "slut" variety, and for the most part unintelligent.

Male or female.
Guy #1: Whoa, check out that girl Sally!

Guy #2: She's pretty bomb.

Guy #3: Awh no! She's an easy fuck. No way she's clean.
by LIKKIUE July 18, 2010

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When a person of social recognition (or status) steps into the public eye incognito, or just plain well dressed, knowing in full that the paparazzi will indeed be there. Just to give the camera a taste of their FABulous personal life, for publicity of course!
D-list Star: Did you see Brie sunbathing topless in rehab with that ridiculous sunhat and dark glasses???? She was SO paparazzi flirting.

D-list Star's Friend: Uh, yeah, right. *Doesn't get it*

minutes pass....

D-list Star's Friend: OHHHHH! Like that time Christina went shopping in 5 inch heels for Leica M.'s.

D-list Star: How pathetic!
by Likkiue August 06, 2010

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