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Probably 40% Jewish, 33% Asian (including Indian and Filipino), 25% other white kids, 2% other(black, Hispanic). Full of rich Jewish kids who don't know the value of money. BMW's and Audi's are popular first cars for seventeen year olds with fresh new licenses, however, most kids drive at age sixteen without licenses, and don't get caught because Livingston police are so naive. Most kids don't have jobs and use their parents money or drug money to buy expensive clothes.

The kids are also very stupid because Livingston has a great drug-education program, but 75% if kids have probably tried or still do drugs, YET THEY KNOW BETTER. They also sell drugs, and their parents don't question where the money comes from, because the parents assume it's from their credit cards.

However, apart from that, Livingston is generally very intelligent. This sector of Livingston High School is mostly made up of Asians and a few smart white kids. Kids mostly place first, rarely second, in math competitions. Most kids go to the IVY league, and top schools, and 3.8 GPAs are looked down upon. If you don't take an honors or AP class, you are stupid.

But in recent years, the town has gone downhill because a lot of ghetto kids have moved to Livingston and are bringing the school down.

Last name of choice is Gold___, Silver___, Rosen___, Cohen, ____witz, and Schneider. Jews are so popular, that Judaism is no longer a religion, it's a nationality. The town is so full of Jews that the only thing kids learn about is the Holocaust, and all other instances of genocide are completely forgotten.
At Livingston High School, (insert girl's name) Cohen loves her Coach purse, Seven jeans, and brand new Audi that she will crash within a month of getting her licsense. Her parents will then buy her a brand new BMW to replace that Audi. On weekends, she drinks and gets high with (insert boy's name) Silverman, and drives home intoxicated, only to be ignored by the police.
by LHSer March 15, 2008
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